Know your website, not your users.

The all-in-one privacy-focused website/app analytics tool. Confidently ditch Google Analytics and enjoy powerful visualization tools, full developer freedom, and protected users.

Why Symmetrics?

It’s privacy-friendly

Other tools collect personal information about your users and the content of your website to sell ads. We don’t. You own the data.

Super simple installation

Just add our code snippet to your websites. We automatically start collecting the most important metrics. That’s it.

Custom dashboards galore

Build completely custom and shareable dashboards to inform your next business decisions — using any data you’ve collected.

E-mail reports

Automatically share your data, daily or weekly, to your boss, colleagues, friends, or clients.

See who’s talking

Discover tweets about your website and more using our intelligent and growing collection of apps.

Ready to get started?

No credit card required. Cancel at any time.

Conversion tracking

Track any non-infringing custom data, metric, goal, or event. You decide.

You own the data

Interface our APIs, download your dataset, set up webhooks, or quickly query data in the console.

Developers, developers...

Get our package on npm or connect directly to our APIs using any language to extract the exact data you need, whenever you need it.

import client from 'symmetrics/client';
const symmetrics = client(id, key);
symmetrics.query('unique urlHost');

No feature limitations

Get access to the full product with whatever plan suits you best.

Changing your plan later is quick and simple, and doesn’t cost you extra.

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