Using Symmetrics to measure ad campaign conversions

September 3rd, 2020

Following our BetaList launch, we thought it a good time to start writing some educational bits on how to get the most out of our product. Starting today with how to track and measure the effectiveness and conversions of an ad campaign!

This is what we’d like to know, determining the success of our ad:

To know this, we’ll need to add a query parameter to the destination URL. For our example campaign, we’re using ref, and fall_2020_campaign as the value:

We’re also going to need a conversion metric. For us, that’s “a signup”, but it can be any similarly measurable event. Here, on our website, this piece of code is run every time a new user is signed up, providing symmetrics with the data it needs:

symmetrics('event', 'signup_account_created');

Need help with this? Get in touch with us! To quickly see what events you’re already collecting from your website, you can run the JsonQl query unique event in the query console.

Helper: Input your information here

Let’s get down to business

Once you’ve got a conversion metric you’d like to use, we’re ready to create some widgets. We recommend creating a new dashboard for this! The first widget we’ll create simply counts the number of unique visits we’ve got from people clicking the ads:

where urlQuery == ?ref=fall_2020_campaign
count {unique visitorId}

Unique visits from ad campaign

unique visits

Now that we know how to isolate this base metric, we can start riffing out other widgets to give us a more nuanced picture. Here are some more widget ideas:

Conversions from ad campaign


Ad campaign conversion rate

conversion rate

Traffic from ad campaign

Ad campaign ad bounce rate

17%bounce rate

Ad campaign visitor return rate

46%return rate

You can try any of the widgets in the query console, or copy them to your own dashboard. Not a Symmetrics user yet? Sign up now for a free 7-day-trial!

We will continue writing educational blog posts much like this one. Let us know if you’ve got feedback or ideas for our next post. Until next time! ✌️